Intelligence Edge

Our Intelligence Edge uses AI/ML to make recurring decisions by recognizing patterns in big data that humans cannot see.

TMX manages a comprehensive ecosystem of complex partners, we recognise the business environment has been progressively become more volatile and demanding in 2023.

Teams struggling to adapt to the pace of change. Teams are at capacity and struggling to take on the necessary projects to accelerate change. Teams are being overwhelmed by the pressures of maintaining continuity in BAU.

Understanding these continuous challenging conditions and market behaviors has motivated our team to develop a model to help our partners in the day to day operations via not only insight but more importantly action.

Our TMX Edge team invests its time and skills with partners in which we can generate a material uplift in value through leveraging our skills and intelligence platform. Our intelligence platform is helping businesses accomplish more with less by maximizing data analytics, ML and AI for better decision-making and action.

So that we can engage your business via this model, we would like to take you through our program to demonstrate how we can work across the organisation for maximum benefit. Our objective is to align with your strategy by building strong and growing recurring income streams and material capital appreciation.

By leveraging the ip of our organisation we are providing access to market leading decision intelligence which will also significantly improve the operations of your business across customer, commerce, networks, transport and warehousing.

Get in touch for early access to the TMX edge intelligence layer.