Enterprise marketplace

Accelerate your marketplace play with the TMX EDGE team of experts. Everything you need from technology, customer acquisition, supplier and fulfilment optimisation.

Everything you need to accelerate & scale your marketplace project
Technology Procurement

Acquire the right technology stack

Work with the TMX team to ensure your organisation acquires the right end to end technology stack that’s fit for purpose today and tomorrow.
Supplier Management

Supplier onboarding, data and order management

Leverage the TMX pattern and processes to effectively manage suppliers in your marketplace ecosystem
Supply Chain EXPERTISE

Optimise your network & reduce fulfilment costs

Leverage best in class digital supply chain technology and human intelligence to reduce out of stocks, transit times and costs.

Leverage our team for operational execution

Derisk your project with the expert TMX EDGE team. Use TMX for project delivery and launch or as an ongoing managed service.

Your marketplace roadmap

Build, grow & accelerate
Our end to end service offering makes it easy for brands and distributors to accelerate change and scale operations without the costly need of building your infrastructure or training internal teams. Our managed services are cost-efficient and built to scale with the most innovative team in the region. Partner with TMX to get the best results for your business.




Flexible partnering models

Fully managed

Give TMX accountability over functions of the business to create scale and capability, while allowing your business to have control and build internal capability simultaneously.


TMX Edge hybrid is a flexible, cost-effective model where responsibilities are shared across partners. TMX can scale up or down as required to fit your preferred operating model.​

Strategy & support

TMX Edge experts will provide partners with an expert point of view and what is needed to achieve targets. Our teams will assess capabilities, resourcing, technology and process.